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    Ivermectin Powder CAS 70288-86-7 For Sale

    Supplier : Missionraws  Email : [email protected]

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    Product Name Ivermectin
    CAS 70288-86-7
    Molecular formula C48H74O14
    Molecular weight 875.09300
    Grade Pharmaceutical Grade
    Color White powder
    Supplier  Missionraws
    Shelf life 2 years

    Main Function :
    1. Ivermectin powder is the derivatives of abamectin. Ivermectin belongs to oral semisynthetic broad-spectrum drug resistant parasites.

    2. Ivermectin powder has effect for most of the various life cycle nematodes.

    3. Ivermectin powder has effect for the microfilaria of onchocerca volvulus,but it does not has effect for the adult onchocerca volvulus

    4. Ivermectin powderhas effect for dung round worms that is only stay in intestinal tract

    5. Ivermectin powder has selective inhibition.

    6. Ivermectin powder can not go through the blood brain barrier of humanbeings

    Tests Specification Results
    Appearance White or yellowish-white crystalline powder, slightly hygroscopic. Yellowish-white crystalline powder, slight hygroscopic.
    Solubility Practically insoluble in water, soluble in alcohol. Qualified
    Identification IR Corresponds to that of CRS standard Qualified
    HPLC The retention time for H2Bla and H2Blb in the chromatogram obtained with the test solution corresponds to those of standard preparation Qualified
    Appearance of solution Clear and not more intensely colored than BY? Clear
    Specific optical rotation (anhydrous and solvent-free substance), ° -20–17 -17.9
    Related substances (%) Individual impurity(RRT 1.3-1.5)≤2.5 I-l:<0.05 K:2.1
    Any other impurity ≤ 1 C:0.06 A:0.57
    J:0.14 H:0.39 D:<0.05 F:<0.05
    E:0.36 1-2:0.19
    Total ≤5 3.8
    Disregard limit: 0.05
    Ethanol and Formamide (%) Ethanol ≤5.0 3.9
    Formamide≤3.0 2.5
    Catalyst (ug/g) ≤1 <1
    Water (%) ≤1.0 0.26
    Sulphated ash (%) ≤0.1 0.07
    Heavy Metal (%) ≤0.002 <0.002
    Assay (%) (HPLC, on dry basis) H2Bla/(H2Bla +H2Blb)≥90.0 98.7
    95.0≤H2Bla +H2Blb≤ 102.0 97.2
    Conclusion Complies with the requirements of EP10.0

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